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Combining Chinese with spectacle


New year, new plan – combine Chinese with spectacle !

London’s Evening Standard newspaper has reported an 81% increase in the number of visitors from China coming to the capital this month compared with twelve months ago. No doubt they’ll all be carrying a smartphone , if not a camera.


When I perform in public, people point cameras, time to capitalise on this.

No more prolonged busking sessions for amassing spare change, just the odd song here and there, now and then to promote a commercial product. I shall begin with an old favourite of mine, one I consume daily.

My Chinese name for the product 禡 勱 特

禡 sacrifice to Mars before a battle

勱 surpass

特 special



A search for the name on Google yields no results, nor any on China’s search engine Baidu.

To display the characters on my guitar as I busk is the idea, and then watch for any increase in search results this year.