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Publishing video on Wechat

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This month I am learning how to make best use of Wechat, the social networking app used regularly by the majority of people in China of working age. So far I have managed to round up a posse of five Wechat friends with whom I have had a few ‘chats’, and have posted a handful of photos on ‘Moments’ – a feature similar to Facebook’s ‘Wall’.

The next challenge is to work out how to publish video on Moments. Seemingly it involves posting the video elsewhere online, then linking to it from your Moments’ stream. I read that the URL (online address) of the video needs copying into the text box that appears through ‘long-pressing’ the camera icon at the top right-hand corner of Wechat’s Moments screen.

Here’s the short (81 seconds) video I made yesterday, that I’m aiming to post into Wechat. I have had to change its coding format to mp4, and post it into this page again, upon discovering my Android controlled mobile-phone refuses to play Windows Media Video files: